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Subtle movements.
Major breakthroughs.


the transformative power of movement

Movement doesn’t have to mean interpretive dance or elaborate exercises. Movement is life. Our chests rise and fall as we breathe. When we talk, we may move a hand to emphasize a point. We stand, sit, take a step, nod our heads, or shift our weight, hundreds of times a day. And each one of those movements tells a story about how we’ve been shaped by our lives. Even simple, everyday movements are expressive, because they’re inseparable from our emotional state and personal history.

Modern neuroscience informs us that “what fires together, wires together.” But because our brains are continuously adapting, we don’t have to accept the path our lives have followed so far. The programming that we carry in our neurons can be changed—simply, powerfully, and with lasting effect—through changing the way we hold ourselves and move. Challenging life experiences wrote themselves into our bodies. Now, by changing our physical behaviors, we can change the life experiences to come.

I can help you redefine your relationship with your body to achieve greater freedom, ease, and vitality in your life.


unlocking the body, freeing the mind

My practice as a somatic movement therapist is informed by a sense of curiosity and the willingness to allow something new to emerge. Where are you strong? What resources do you already have, and how can they be mobilized to help the parts of you that are weak or afraid?

Gradually, step-by-step, I can help you uncover a more authentic, easeful version of yourself.

I’ll work with you in a gentle and supportive way to help you develop novel ways of moving, which will stimulate the development of new neural pathways. As these new resources become available to you, your body can recognize that your old patterns have become obsolete and new, healthy behaviors can take their place. This is key to producing lasting change.   Learn more >




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I came to this work out of a desire to address my own challenges with chronic pain, nervous system sensitivity, and sensory overload.

Over the past ten years of practice, I’ve studied with the world’s leading experts in developmental movement and healing.

I've also done extensive research and study across fields such as interpersonal neurobiology, embodied cognition, and somatic theory and practice.   Learn more >




My somatic movement therapy practice serves clients who are eager to achieve greater ease and balance in their lives. We will begin with an initial two-hour session that will allow me to begin to get to know you and evaluate your needs. From there, I’ll propose a plan and schedule for continuing our work together, with a minimum three-month commitment.   Learn more >



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